Mercedes C-Class

W203 since 2000 of release

Repair and car operation

+ Mercedes-Benz Cars of a class C (W-203)
+ Operation manual
- Routine maintenance
   Indicator of term of approach of planned maintenance (ASSYST)
   Schedule of routine maintenance
   General information on control
   Check of levels of liquids, control of leaks
   Check of a condition of tires and pressure in them. Designation of tires and disks of wheels. Rotation and replacement of wheels
   Replacement of impellent oil and oil filter
   Checks of brake system. Adjustment of the parking brake
   Check of fuel system
   Check of a condition and replacement of hoses of an impellent compartment, localization of leaks
   Check of a condition of ridge belts of a streaming drive of auxiliary units
   Check of functioning of system of cooling and frost resistance of cooling liquid. Liquid replacement
   Check of a condition of system of production of the fulfilled gases
   Check of level of oil of automatic transmission
   Visual control of a box of gear shifting on leakages of oil
   Condition check suspension bracket and steering component
   Check of a condition of protective covers of power shafts
   Check of level of liquid of system of hydrostrengthening of a wheel
   Check of level of liquid of system of adjustment of a road clearance
   Check of central air of air
   Cleaning of the mechanism of the movable panel of the hatch of a roof
   Visual control of a seat belt and safety cushion block
   Check of operability of headlights and horn
   Condition check, adjustment and replacement of brushes of screen wipers
   Check of a condition of the battery, care of it and charging
   Replacement of the battery of system of an emergency call of Tele-Aid
   Replacement of an element of the filter of air of salon / coal filter of purification of air
   Check, cleaning and greasing of the coupling device
   Replacement of brake liquid
   Check of the elastic coupling of the driveshaft
   Check and replacement of spark plugs. Check of a condition of high-voltage wires
   Replacement of an element of the air filter of the engine
   Replacement of the fuel filter
+ Engine
+ cooling and heating Systems
+ Power supply system and release
+ engine Electric equipment
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment


Types and volumes of applied greasings and liquids

Do not allow children to operational materials. At their hit in an organism of the child immediately address to the doctor.

Apply materials the recommended MB, it is a condition of implementation of guarantee certificates. You can receive references on HUNDRED

Impellent oil

Petrol models: synthetic, MB 229.1 or 229.3; ACEA A3-98; API SG or more quality, viscosity 0W40, 5W40

Diesel models: synthetic, 5W30, CE on API or more quality, ACEA B3-98 or A3-98/B3-98

Volume, at replacement together with the oil filter, l

Petrol engines with designation 111


Petrol engines with designation 271


Petrol engines with designation 112


Diesel engines


Oil volume between labels of MAX and MIN measuring щупа, l



1.8 l, ATF-A, MB-235.10, Mobil Gear Oil MB 317

Automatic transmission

8.0 l, Dexron II (MB 001 989 21 03 10)

Brake liquid

0.5 l, DOT4 + (not to apply silicone DOT5 liquid)


1.2 l, oil for gipoidny SAE85W90 MV-235.7 broadcasts or "VR Energear MBE"


1 l, MB-236.3 liquid (ATF D)

Hydrosystem of adjustment of a road clearance of a body

3.5 l, MB-244.0 oil

Air conditioner

PAG oil, R134a coolant (do not use R12)

Cooling system

MB No. Q1 03 0002 or Glysantin Protect Plus/G482

Volume, at replacement, l

Petrol engines with designation 111


Petrol engines with designation 271


Petrol engines with designation 112


Diesel engines with designation 611


Diesel engines with designation 612


Composition of cooling liquid

Share of antifreeze in cooling liquid for ensuring frost resistance

to - 37°С

50 %

about - 45°С

55 %

Hinges of equal angular speeds

Internal, гр

120 (150)

External, гр

120 (100)

Greasing of runners of the panel of the hatch of a roof

MB-A0019895051 or MB0019891451 paste

Glass and faroomyvatel

Capacity of the tank, l

  • Models without a faroochistitel
  • Models with a faroochistitel


Water in a mix with summer «S» (1:100) or winter «W» a MB firm concentrate

Add stekloomyvayushchy means to water during the whole year for prevention of formation of stains. Choose mix structure according to temperature of external air. Prepare a mix in a separate vessel. Thanks to existence of heating of a stekloomyvatel the concentration of a mix providing frost resistance to - 10°С is sufficient.


Fuel tank, l


62 including fuel 8 reserve

Petrol models

Unleaded gasoline: not worse AI-95/A-85. Probably temporary application of unleaded gasoline is not worse AI-91/A-82.5. Thus engine capacity will decrease a little, at increase in fuel consumption

Do not apply an additive to fuel. They can result in the increased wear or engine damage.

Diesel models

Summer and winter diesel fuel

Do not apply ship (Marine Diesel Fuel), boiler, etc. diesel fuel.

When using diesel fuel with the content of sulfur over 0.5 %, make replacement of impellent oil each 7500 km.

Winter fuel, provides normal working capacity to - 20°С.

Thanks to preliminary heating of fuel at the included system of heating of the car, the car on winter diesel fuel can be maintained, as a rule, without refusals at temperature of external air to - 25°С.

Do not add gasoline to diesel fuel.

In case of application of summer diesel fuel, and also at temperature of external air is lower - 15°С to fuel it is necessary to add certain, depending on temperature of external air quantity of means for fluidity or kerosene improvement.

Mix structure

Means for improvement of fluidity can be used also in a combination to kerosene.

For fluidity improvement you can receive the certificate of funds on HUNDRED Mercedes-Benzs.

Additive share taking into account temperature of external air should be minimum.

The share of kerosene in a mix should make no more than 50 %.

Additive add to diesel fuel before loss of property of fluidity of diesel fuel owing to paraffin allocation. Owing to allocation of paraffin it is possible to eliminate malfunctions only with heating of all power supply system.

Mixing of diesel fuel with kerosene carry out only in a fuel tank. For this purpose in a tank at first fill in kerosene, and then add diesel fuel.

After that the engine should work some time in order that the mix was distributed on all power supply system.

Spark plugs


Interelectrode gap, mm

Engines of 1.8 l

Bosch F6MPP


L engines 2.0, 2.3

Bosch F7 DPP 332




L engines 2.6, 3.2 (except 3.2AMG)

Bosch F7 DPP 332


Bosch F8 DPER




Engine 3.2AMG

Bosch F7 DPP 332


Tires and disks


Summer//the winter

195/65 R15 91H, 205/55 R16 91H, 205/55 R16 91V//

195/65 R15 91T M+S, 205/55 R16 91H M+S

195/65 R15 91H, 225/50 R16 92V, 225/45 R17 91W//

195/65 R15 91T M+S

Disks from an easy alloy 6J x 15 H2 ET31, 6ЅJ x 15 H2 ET37, 7J x 16 H2 ET37, 8J x 18 H2 ET44

Spare wheel


C280, C 320, C320CDI, C400CDI 165-15 8PR 89P, 165/70-16 8PR 92P


4ЅB x 15 H2 ET12

Special complete set of AMG firm


225/45 R17 91W//245/40 R17 91W

Disks from an easy alloy

7ЅJ x 17 H2 ET37//8ЅJ x 17 H2 ET30 or ET34

Pressure of air in tires of lobbies//back wheels

Demanded pressure of air in tires is specified in the plate on inside of a cover of the hatch of a fuel tank.

Partial loading

The summer

195/65 R15 2.1//2.3

The winter

195/65 R15 M+S 2.3//2.5

Full load

The summer

195/65 R15 2.3//2.9

The winter

195/65 R15 M+S 2.5//3.1

Efforts of a tightening of carving connections, Nanometer

The moments of an inhaling of fixture are given also in the text of Head and on some иллюстрациях*.

*vydelenny in the text a bold print the moments of an inhaling are subject to exact observance; the efforts not allocated with a bold print are given only roughly.

Spark plugs

28 (engine 271: 25)

Glow plugs


Stopper of removal of check point oil


Stopper of filling of a check point oil


Oil stopper of AT


Oil stopper of the AT hydrotransformer


Pallet AT bolts


Oil stopper of a case of the main transfer


Nuts of tips of steering drafts

50Нм +60 °

Bolts of wheels