Mercedes C-Class

W203 since 2000 of release

Repair and car operation

+ Mercedes-Benz Cars of a class C (W-203)
+ Operation manual
+ Routine maintenance
+ Engine
+ cooling and heating Systems
+ Power supply system and release
+ engine Electric equipment
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
- Suspension bracket and steering
   + Suspension bracket of forward wheels
   + Suspension bracket of back wheels
   + Corners of installation of wheels of the car
   - Steering and safety cushions
      Steering and safety cushions - general information and security measures
      Security measures at works with a safety cushion
      Removal and installation of the block of a safety cushion on a steering wheel
      Removal and installation of a steering wheel
      Removal and installation of a tip of steering draft
      Removal and installation of a protective cover of the steering mechanism
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment

Steering and safety cushions

Steering and safety cushions - general information and security measures


1 — the Steering column
2 — Kardanny the hinge
3 — Gear реечная transfer of the steering mechanism
4 — the Rotary fist right
5 — Steering draft right
6 — the Protective cover right
7 — the Protective cover left
8 — Steering draft left

Reechny steering mechanism

1a — Carter of the steering mechanism
1b — Rubber pillows of support
1e — Oil lines
1g — Protective casings with fixing collars
2 — Steering drafts
3 — the Cover with marking of the central position of the reechny mechanism (shooter)
4 — the Case of a lopastny lock and the operating plug
5b — the Socket of the right pressure head chamber
5c — the Socket of the left pressure head chamber
6 — the Jack люфта a steering rack

Elements of the reechny helmsman mechanism

1 — Gear реечная transfer of the steering mechanism
2 — the Protective cover right
3 — the Support bottom
4 — the Lock level, for a steering at a cross-piece
5 — Bolt М12
6 — Sealing кольцо*
7 — the Collar большой*
8 — the Protective cover левый*
9 — the Collar малый*
10 — the Tip of steering draft
11 — the Nut, 55Нм, being self-stopped, surely replace with the new
12 — Nut М14
13 — Steering draft
14 — Bolt М8
15 — the Steering column
16 — Nut М8

*) Repair kit of a protective cover

Jack люфта steering laths

1 — the Jack люфта a steering rack 2 — Carter of the steering mechanism

Hydraulic contour and elements of the car of a steering sensitive to speed

4a — Torsionnaya a bar
4b — the Leading gear wheel
4i — the Operating plug
4j — the Transfer lath
4k — Lopastny a lock
A — Under pressure
B — Without pressure
I\Right executive cylinder (the left turn)
II\Left executive cylinder (the right turn)
Y10 — the Electromagnetic SPS valve
N47 — the Control unit of antiprobuksovochny and stabilizing systems

Arrangement of the pump of the power steering (30)

The steering consists of a steering wheel, a steering column, the steering mechanism in the form of gear реечной transfer and drafts of a steering drive. The steering column transfers movements of a steering wheel to the steering mechanism. The gear lath of the steering mechanism according to turn of a steering wheel moves to the right or to the left. Steering drafts via hinges and a rotary fist transfer steering efforts to forward wheels.

Gear реечная transfer of the steering mechanism is executed bezzazorny and does not demand service. Within carrying out maintenance control of protective covers and dustproof caps of tips of steering drafts is required only.

The hydraulic booster providing decrease in effort, enclosed to a steering wheel has a steering of the car. The factor of strengthening increases at increase in speed of movement. The hydraulic booster contains the hydropump and the tank of working liquid. The hydropump sucks in liquid from the tank and submits it under a high pressure to the operating valve in the steering mechanism. The operating valve has mechanical communication with a steering spindle and directs liquid depending on turn of a steering wheel to the corresponding cavity of the working cylinder in the case of the steering mechanism. Here liquid influences the piston and thus supports management process. At the same time the piston squeezes out liquid from an opposite cavity of the working cylinder via the returnable pipeline in the liquid tank.

Functioning of the power steering (SPS) sensitive to speed

Electronic control by the electromagnetic SPS Y10 valve is carried out by the N47 control unit depending on speed of the car.

At rotation of a steering wheel the leading gear wheel (4b) influences a lath (4j). Rotating ползун (4k) by means of a torsionny bar (4a) turns round the operating plug (4i) and rests against a lath (4j) that leads to change of relative position of managing directors of flutes. Thus the oil stream under a pressure moves in the chamber of the right or left executive cylinder (I or II), causing axial shift of a lath (4j) in the corresponding direction. Oil from the unloaded executive cylinder is forced out and through open returnable flutes in the operating plug (4i) goes back to the tank of the steering pump.

Security measures

Production of welding and leveling works with elements of a steering is not allowed. Being self-stopped bolts and nuts, and also bolts and the nuts having corrosion, should be replaced with the new.

The moments of an inhaling of carving connections should be maintained surely.

In a steering wheel the safety cushion of the driver is located. The safety cushion represents a developing air bag which is filled with air at a head-on collision of the car and thus protects the top part of a trunk and the head of the driver. At a head-on collision of the corresponding force the control unit sends a signal to a safety cushion fuse. As a result of explosion gas which inflates a pillow during several milliseconds is formed. It is enough this time, that демпфировать moving of the top part of a trunk of the driver moving forward. Then within several seconds the safety cushion again develops, since gases leave a pillow through available openings.