Mercedes C-Class

W203 since 2000 of release

Repair and car operation

+ Mercedes-Benz Cars of a class C (W-203)
+ Operation manual
+ Routine maintenance
- Engine
   Compression check in engine cylinders
   Engine check by means of the vacuum gage
   Removal and installation of a cover of an impellent compartment from the bottom
   + 4-cylinder petrol engines
   + 6-cylinder petrol engines
   + Diesel engines
   - System of greasing of the engine
      Check of pressure of oil
      Removal and installation of the sensor of level of oil
+ cooling and heating Systems
+ Power supply system and release
+ engine Electric equipment
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment

Check of pressure of oil



1. Check oil level in the engine, address to the Section Check of levels of liquids, control of leaks.
2. Warm up the engine to working temperature. For this purpose start the engine and wait, while on a control panel there will be no value of normal temperature of cooling liquid. For this purpose on the display of a control panel turn on the indicator of temperature of cooling liquid. Then pass on the car about 5 km thereby to provide achievement by impellent oil of its working temperature.

On HUNDRED temperature of oil check, inserting the thermometer into an opening of the index of level of oil. The preset value makes + 90°С.

3. Pressure of oil is measured on a cover of the oil filter. For this purpose the special cover of the filter (the special tool) with accession for a manometer is required.
· The spare cover of the oil filter is required.
The cover can be made as follows:
4. Drill an opening in diameter of 8 mm in the cover center.
5. Drill an opening in diameter of 2 mm in the M6 screw with an internal shestigrannik.
6. Cut carving М6 in the connecting union of hose М12 x 1.5.
7. Insert the screw with a sealing washer 6.5 x 18 from within into an opening of a cover of the oil filter.
8. Establish from the outer side of a cover an aluminum sealing ring 12 x 17 and the connecting union of a hose. Screw in the connecting union the screw with an internal shestigrannik.

9. 4-cylinder petrol engine: Unscrew by means of a face head of 74 mm or HAZET 2169 a cover of the oil filter.

10. Take out a cover with a filtering element (2). (3) - sealing ring.

11. Diesel engine: Unscrew a cover of the oil filter (1) by means of the HAZET 2169 (2) tool and a head on 27 mm (3). On an illustration the engine 611 is shown.

12. Insert into the case of the oil filter a new filtering element.
13. Screw a cover with accession for check (the special tool) and a sealing ring.
14. Attach a manometer for check of pressure of oil to a hose of the connecting union.
15. Start the engine and let's to it work on single turns.
16. Pressure of oil should not be less than 0.3 atm. Otherwise it is necessary to check greasing system (the pump, bearings etc.).
17. At increase in engine capacity pressure of oil should increase at once and at 3000 rpm of the engine there should be not less than 3 atm.
18. Stop the engine.
19. Turn out a manometer.
20. After completion of check of pressure of oil establish a regular cover of the oil filter with a new sealing ring.

6-цилиндровыый petrol engine 112


1. Pressure of oil is checked at a measuring opening from the face party of the engine.
2. Remove vertically up a cover of the engine or the air filter.
3. Uncover the fan with the electromotor, address to the Section Removal and fan installation.
4. Turn out a carving stopper of an opening for measurement of pressure of the oil located in the lower part of the case of the oil filter on a casing of the mechanism of distribution.
5. Screw a carving stopper with a new sealing ring and tighten it the moment 20Нм.
6. Establish a cover with the electrofan.
7. Establish from above a cover of the engine or the air filter.